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  • BURL IVES SINGS - Old Time Radio Shows MP3 CD - The Nostalgia Store
    BURL IVES SINGS - Old Time Radio Shows MP3 CD - The Nostalgia Store
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Burl Ives was born in Jasper County, Illinois, on 14th June, 1909. He studied at Eastern Illinois State Teacher's College but he dropped out in 1930 and became a wandering minstrel. Ives performed folk songs on small radio stations and at public concerts. This CD contains all his greatest hits plus more.
There are 18 songs on the CD.

Burl Ives - Ghost Riders In The Sky 1.1 MB
Burl ives - git along little doggie 656.0 KB
Burl Ives - Goober Peas 752.0 KB
Burl Ives - Happy Birthday Jesus (A Child's prayer) 916.0 KB
Burl Ives - Home On The Range 1.4 MB
Burl Ives - I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a fly 812.0 KB
Burl ives - i'm the boss 660.0 KB
Burl ives - in the sweet bye and bye 612.0 KB
Burl Ives - JOHN HENRY 982.0 KB
Burl ives - Juanita 922.0 KB
Burl Ives - LAVENDER BLUE 706.0 KB
Burl ives - Let The Rest Of The World Go By 788.0 KB
Burl Ives - MR INBETWEEN 814.0 KB
Burl ives - Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord 800.0 KB
Burl Ives - NOW IS THE HOUR 756.0 KB
Burl Ives - OLD SMOKIE 776.0 KB
Burl Ives - PEARLY SHELLS 730.0 KB

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