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  • JOE MEEK DEMOS - Old Time Radio Music MP3 CD - The Nostalgia Store
    JOE MEEK DEMOS - Old Time Radio Music MP3 CD - The Nostalgia Store
To enjoy Joe Meek's demos does require a sense of humor, and an appreciation of the absurd. Out of these moans and groans came the likes of "Telstar," a global chart-topper that also made a pre-Beatles hit in the US. A producer of daring, innovation and sometimes surprising grace, Joe Meek the singer was a different beast entirely - brace yourself for the music we are all about to hear.

26 tracks on the CD

Telstore Answering Machine Message (Joe Meek's Secretary) 459.1 KB He's All Mine 3.1 MB
On The Bridge of Avignon/There Must Be 4.4 MB
The First Day I Met You (with Geoff Goddard) 2.1 MB
Return of the Outlaws (acapella & over backing track Telstar) 3.9 MB
Untitled (over backing track Telstar) 2.5 MB
Studio Chat 2.2 MB
Studio Fragments (with Geoff Goddard) 1.6 MB
No Matter What They Say 748.0 KB Telstar (over backing track Try Once More) 3.3 MB
Sky Men (with Geoff Goddard) 3.2 MB
Untitled (over backing The Big Beat Drum) 2.3 MB
Bing Bang Bong 1.8 MB
Magic Star 2.0 MB
My Baby's Coming Home 2.5 MB
Go On Then 2.0 MB
The Beat of my Heart 2.6 MB
Happy Valley 3.4 MB
I'm Waiting For Tomorrow 2.1 MB
Old Man River (with Dave Adams)/Rockabye & Everybody's got the Blues (with Geoff Goddard) 2.5 MB
As Time Goes By (with Dave Adams) 2.7 MB
I Had A Dream (with Geoff Goddard) 1.7 MB
Paper Boat 3.6 MB
I Had A Dream Last Night 4.1 MB
Piano Instrumental 2.5 MB
Message To Dave And Dee 4.4 MB


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