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Download VICTORIAN Photochrome Images as super archive quality tiff files

A photochrome print is a lithographic print process which turns black and white negatives into colour photographs. During the late Victorian & early Edwardian period colour photography did not exist. Photochrome pictures were made using many colour impressions taken from multiple lithographic plates. The original masters of these prints date from around 1895 and cover the whole of England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Isles - they show how landscapes, architecture, clothes, fashion, transport, life and just about everything else has changed in over one hundred years. When printed and framed these make superb pictures. These files are intended for personal use - permission maybe required for publication.

Two types of image are included in the series for download - Landscape & Portrait - both are of archive quality .tiff format, each being up to 30MB in size (up to 5000 x 4000 pixels) with a minimum resolution of 400 dpi - allowing for virtually any size print.

The images shown on the following pages are a very small sample of what we have to offer - For our full range of English Victorian Cities and Towns Images download our 53 page catalogue containing over 1000 original images
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